Robot technology in the 4.0 era

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Robot technology in the 4.0 era Empty Robot technology in the 4.0 era

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What is an industrial robot?
An automatic robot used in industrial production including welding, assembling, selecting and placing electronic components on printed circuit boards, making packaging and labeling, pallets, etc.It is programmable and has The ability to move on two or more axes. All operations are performed with high durability, speed and high precision.

Benefits when using robots
Robots are useful for human life, in developed countries that work like humans: butler - Irobot, receptionist ChihiraAico, prophet Karma Kitty, personal assistant MiP, guide RoboThespian, y dozen RxRobot, ... Robots are considered to be our efficient assistants in the future.

Robots offer a variety of benefits in applications, most commonly used in production lines in factories. Robots can work 24 hours in 7 consecutive days without tirelessly helping businesses reduce operating costs, improve product quality, improve productivity, ... and easier to manage labor.

This confirms that robots are the best solution that businesses should use. The era of 4.0 robot technology replaced jobs that humans could not do.

industrial robots 4.0 era
Robots - industrial solutions that automatically pack packaging
Early seize the opportunity from the 4.0 industrial revolution Hao Phuong introduced to customers, the best solution partner for production lines at VIMAF & VSIF 2018.

The industrial robot arm is programmed and developed by Hao Phuong. They are applied in factories producing animal feed, rice, ... creating a turning point in the manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Robot pile of industrial packaging package
The mission of packaging robots

Choosing the right solution now is no longer a problem for you to worry about. Come to Hao Phuong, we provide consulting services and design the best solution for you. Do not forget to visit our booth to experience Hao Phuong's packaging robots directly.



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